ElephantDrive delayed start

I’m using ElephantDrive for backing up music, photos and such. The client software is written in Java and a little awkward but it works and is good value for money. Unfortunately on our home laptop it starts up quicker than the wireless network is found. It then shows a blank log on screen so it’s generally easier to just cancel en start it again manually.

Task Scheduler

Fortunately there is an easier way: the Windows Task Scheduler. Unfortunately there’s a catch, hence this blog post. For your convenience I’ve added the steps for Windows 7.


The Task Scheduler is part of the Administrative Tools. If you haven’t enabled it just open the Start menu and type ‘Task Scheduler’. This opens the main screen.

Then, in the Actions pane, select ‘Create Basic Task…’.

Type a name and an optional description and click Next.

In the Task Trigger dialog select ‘When I log on’ and click Next.

In the Action pane select ‘Start a program’ and click Next.

In the ‘Start a Program’ dialog click Browse… Then navigate to “C:\Program Files (x86)\ElephantDrive\ElephantDrive Desktop” (or wherever you installed ElephantDrive) and select ‘ElephantDesktop.exe’. Again, click Next.

In the Summary pane click ‘Open the Properties dialog…’ and click Finish. This opens a dialog with all options that also opens then you ‘Create Task…’ in the main window.

Important: Don’t try to be a good boy (or girl) here by selecting ‘Windows® 7…’ in the ‘Configure for:’ drop down box. It will start up ElephantDrive but it won’t allow it to show any windows.

Now go to the Triggers tab:

Select the ‘At log on’ entry and click Edit.

In this dialog click ‘Any user’, select ‘Delay task for:’ and type the desired delay or select it from the drop down. Note: the value I’m using (10 seconds) does not appear  in the drop down selection. That’s okay, just type the value (don’t forget space and ‘seconds’). Most values are accepted.

When you’re done click OK.

The Conditions tab has some other options you might find useful. If you frequently connect to a network where you pay per use (e.g. a WiFi HotSpot or a 3G network) you can opt to start ElephantDrive only on your home network here under ‘Start only if the following network connection is available:’. Note: I don’t think this will work if you’ve hibernated your laptop or put it to standby when switching to another network. You’re already logged on so ElephantDrive is already running.

You can also choose not to start it when you’re computer is on AC power, though I don’t think it’s consuming a lot of power.

Either way, when you’re done click again click ‘OK’ to get back to the Task Scheduler main window. Your new task should appear in the list.

Hope this helps, any feedback is appreciated.


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