Human Methodologies 1

Just recently I read the following paragraph in the book "Agile Project Management with Scrum" by Ken Schwaber.
I used to teach people the theory, practices, and rules of Scrum. Now I teach them what Scrum feels like as it is implemented. I teach them how to recognize when things are going right and when they are going wrong. I provide exercises and discussions that let them experience the epiphanies so that they know what Scrum should feel like. Just as you don’t really know what it’s like to be someone else until you’ve walked however many miles in his or her shoes, you might not fully understand Scrum until you implement it yourself. But as you read this book, you will begin to understand what Scrum feels like and how you might feel using Scrum in your organization.
How a project management methodology feels? That’s what I like about the recent progress in software development, things like XP and Scrum I find more straightforward, pragmatic and most of all, more human than previous methodologies.
This is why I’m enjoying software development more than ever, power to the people!

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